Will Hillary Clinton Win the Cash-burning War?

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell endorses Senator Hillary Clinton
Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell endorses Senator Hillary Clinton

The American 2016 Presidential Election has officially begun on February 1st, and candidates of democratic and republican party have already fall over themselves for electorates. All we can see is growing competition and “burning” cash. According to the statistics from the Federal Election Commission, two parties has spent over a hundred million dollar so far; as a result, the 2016 election definitely will become the most expensive election through history. Hence, the election is always big businesses and super-rich level’s game.

On April 12, 2015, Hillary Clinton officially announced she would ran in election and launched a 2-minute-and-18-second video via social media. In the video, after she reported interracial ordinaries’ personal story at different ages, with wearing a black suit and red blouse, Hillary with a small smile confidently announced, “Every day Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.” As long as every American family becomes prosperous, the U.S. will become more prosperous. To be honest, it’s an inspiring speech. Public opinions widely believe that she might easily win the primary election, and she did.

However, rich people provide funds, but poor people give ballots. Balancing poor and rich is candidates’ responsibility and obligation, especially for black citizens. As Michelle Alexander[2], a human rights advocate wrote in her article, “As president, Bill Clinton mastered the art of sending mixed cultural messages.” It is true, but guess what Mrs. Clinton said to black children? She said, “They are not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kinds of kids that are called ‘super-predators.” No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.” In other words, she treats black children as animals, and the statement obsoletely caused black people’s indignation.

Thus, we can see Hillary is trying to solicit black people’s support and seek their forgiveness. For example, she criticized Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder’s negligence on the Flint water crisis because most citizens were black and poor people. It seems as a way to both strength black people’s confidence for the Democratic and give the Republican a great hit. Fortunately, Hillary won the Congressional Black Caucus’s endorsement, which will become an accelerant to help her reverse adverse situation.

Let’s look back her video “Getting Started.” The logo for the election appeared at the end is a capital “H” with blue and red color; it refers to Hillary her first name rather than her husband’s last name “Clinton.” It’s rational and reasonable because if she wins to election I believe that all of social media will adapt “President Hillary” rather than “President Clinton.” We already have a world-famous president Clinton – Hillary’s husband.

Can you imagine? Two presidents govern one country, at the same time.

The problem, however, is that “two presidents.” Based on Clinton is active in the Clinton Foundation, no one would believe he will fade away from the White House. Moreover, the “First Lady” has her conventionally political responsibility, so it can be seems at two presidents govern the U.S. through history. Indeed, it is one of the biggest obstacles in her “journey” that her opponents hate her because they hate her husband; they cannot accept two “Clintons” govern the country. On the contrast, supporters would believe it will lead to positive and powerful changes to the American administration. In Hillary’s video, she mentioned the word “champion,” it might implied Clinton who not only survived from the Lewinsky scandal in 1998 but also consistently obtained a huge reputation. Therefore, we can say Clinton is a champion of political championship. Through Clinton’s 8-year presidential career and Hillary’s 12-year senate and the Secretary of State, I have to say that it’s really fair to judge Hillary for the policies her husband championed years ago.

Hillary’s competitor, Bernie Sanders now have to face two Clintons. According to Alexander’s article, she differentiates between Bernie and Hillary through couple aspects. Bernie voted for the 1994 crime bill, but Hillary didn’t. They had adverse stance on bank deregulation and the Iraq War. The biggest problem is his “impractical.” We could say that the U.S. is a conservative country, so Bernie’s radical policies actually are hardly accepted. Political revolution is his core concept, but he has to really come out in revolution like the civil rights revolution in order to force the Congress to pass his schemes. Finally, in my personal opinion, he is an honest and adorable Jew old great grandfather, like a professor having an ideal, but he is not a politician. When the Republican candidates debated for Syria, LGBT, global warming, China’s Internet attack, Bernie aimed at practical problems, such as paid women parental leave, universal health care, college tuition, and so forth. He is a unique candidate ever, as a democratic socialist, as an independent.




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