Long Air Trip. A Nightmare or An Opportunity?

Singapore Airlines A330 from Brisbane_01. By John

Do you know that an airline may let passages select their food and change in 24 hours before hopping off? Do you know that French couturier Pierre Balmain has designed the colorful “sarong kebaya” for the airline since 1972, and created its unique modern aviation culture called the “Singapore Girl?”

Singapore Airlines CabinCrew. By John Wah

That airline is Singapore Airlines.

In 2008, Singapore Airlines introduced its Suites Class, the most luxurious class of flying for the flagship Airbus A380, a long non-stop flight from Singapore to New York. The deluxe air trip was worth $23,000. Holy Crap! I think the most people don’t want to pay that such money for only 16 hours. However, let’s see what people say about the Suites Class. “I have to say, after being served Dom Perignon in a double-suite bedroom at 36,000 feet, I’m not sure flying experiences get any better than this,” Derek Low who is an adventure traveler and entrepreneur said. Even though the Airbus A350 is not the longest airline route in the world anymore, but it will once again become in 2018. In my personal experience, since I traveled several times between my home country China and the U.S., I prefer cheaper price and short time than their scenic value when reserving flights. Seating on a seat over 10 hours don’t make me feel good, unless I have enough money.

Indeed, through Derek’s eyes, I think our air travel modes are changing, like the development of the cruise industry in 20th century. Before 1970s, who could believe the cruise industry would become the tourist industry in the future? It needs to create much awareness to travelers that they actually could have fun on a vessel. Costa Crociere did that; thus so we all know about luxurious cruise tours of Carnival Cruise Lines today. As the first flight containing luxuriously double-bed service, Singapore Airlines has an advanced perspective toward travelers’ expectations for their flight trip beyond basic demands such as security and price – pleasant and comfortable sensation. Also, we can see the company provides high quality services not only in the air but also before departure and after arrival, and that’s another what travelers expect.

Furthermore, as a service industry, airline companies definitely need to communicate with their hundreds and thousands audiences and customers for high reputation. In my mind, social media messages would be the most important tactics to transmit information and communicate with target people. When looking at Singapore Airlines’ Twitter account, we can see that the company tweets in every festival. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube are other platforms for interaction with audiences. Insufficient communication via multimedia might cause a range of issues, especially for crisis. For example, because of lack of communication with people and transparency of its press release, Malaysia Airlines lost its reputation after MH370’s disappearance. At the same time, they didn’t use the hashtags like #MalaysiaAirlines and #MH370 constantly, target audiences hardly find relevant information through social media. Hence, using hashtags is also another effective way, isn’t it?

Most innovations are expensive at the beginning, like cellular phones, like smart phones, like cars, or like a luxury cruise vacations. However, they gradually become affordable and viable for more people. For now, a long flight trip is still a nightmare to most travelers. In the future, I guess airline companies will make the revolutionary development for the air transportation.




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