Lego, Beyond the Toy

Lego US Navy SEALS, by Brick Police.

During my childhood in Beijing, China, I expected my birthday each year, because my mother could buy a Lego toy for me only at that time. Once I got the toy, without hesitation, I flaunt in the class and enjoyed my friends’ envy even before assembling pieces. Why? Lego is so expensive due to the complex retailing structure, so not most families are willing to up the ante buying a toy for their child.

Thus, Lego is most Chinese children’s dream.

To continue the dream and through the development of my knowledge, I also would like to work for the world’s most powerful brand no matter in China or in the U.S. if I have any chance.

The brand was only a “Toy Factory” to me when I was a child. Now, I know that Lego is a corporation reforming the definition of the word “innovation.” Beyond the toy, creation is always its core value. For example, not only does it provide bricks for kids and adults but it creates “platform” called “intelligent brick” that a Lego robot being able to do customized programming. Lego has opened its development ideas, which let consumers make their decisions whether following the blueprint to assemble or customizing their own toys. Of course, you also can find Lego films and video games associated with Marvel, Star wars, Harry Porter, and so forth. Lego seeks for diversity. Now, we can say Lego has established its own empire.

In addition, indeed, creation is not only to develop technology itself but also based on people. Lego also shows its humanitarianism. As we knows, Lego’s figures are various, from Harry Porter to the War of Warcraft, from policemen to nurses, and from fiction to reality. Recently, to respond a query and requirement toward the disabled, Lego announced that it will push out a wheelchair figure. It obsoletely causes positive effect to public.  Also, it reminds me that Lego has ended its partnership with Shell for Greenpeace, and created a video that made me cry.

In some business books, we always can see great example of successful companies that possess dauntless and original regulations. Because creation brings success to the companies, we always praise those supervisor modes and management styles. For example, Google engineers can put their 20 percent working time to any project; W.L. Gore Associates, Inc. creates a non-hierarchical environment without a title or a boss, and Semco also executes the management mode that employees can totally manage themselves. However, Lego, doesn’t give employees 20 percent time for any project; employees have their titles and hierarchy, and closed the strategy about releasing originality. On the contrast, it establishes a clear framework in the company, and guides every type of creative actions. Therefore, from improving current products to exploiting future markets, Lego always has its relative frame as guideline.

Creation. Humanity. Sharp-sighted management mode. Fun. Is there any reason to not work for this company?

Diversity, is another important aspect. Except Lego, there are many companies and organizations paying attention to diversity. For example, Samsung involves in various realms in about 70 countries such as electronic, financial, machinery, chemical and even military industry. Recently, there is some talk that Apple is building a car. Google is not only a search engine anymore, but it is changing our life style like Google Earth, Google Map, and it created a project for contact lens. Thus, we have a reason to believe that diversity has become a new trend for major companies.

In order to navigate the new terrain, communication is a key. For those major companies, to make a new project they must rely on all types of communication such as internal, external, formal and interpersonal between their stakeholders, consumers, and employees. Lego has already achieved its benefit from communicating with children and their parents. They know that Children want to play more and more new toys and they also want to challenges. Their parents always want the company to provide a safe and engaging toys and toys for their children. Therefore, communication is like a comprehensive and evolving approach to understand different level consumers and inspires companies to think about creation.



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