A Game Or A World?


Minecraft Pirate Ship. Photo produced by Jimmy.

Minecraft, a sandbox game, definitely is one of the most successful games in recent years and there is only one rule in the 3-D space – build your world with pixel! Aces even play a lot further in their worlds such as rebuilding a high school, U-boat, or video-calling phone through the virtual world. In only 5 years, the game has broken more than 10 the Guinness World Records such as being the “country modelled at full scale in a videogame.” In other words, it’s not only a game anymore, but also a medium actualizing people’s imagination and creating an interactive community.

When my friend and I went to 2015 O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) , in Portland, we were both attracted by the Microsoft exhibition because of the most important aspect of the game – open source. Because everyone can access and edit the codes, it provides a broader platform to exchange information crossing different systems and geographical restriction, and effectively lower the cost. Through my eyes, a lot of programmers enjoyed to write programs in the convention and I believe there are thousands of programmers who are developing and perfecting the program of the game around the world. Thus, instead of playing the game, they are participating the game.

My friend Fan Yang and I in OSCON in 2015. Photo produced by Julian Cash.

In 2015, Microsoft purchased Minecraft and its developer, Mojang for $2.5 billion. Recently, the corporation announced that it completed acquisition of MinecraftEdu,a game-mode learning tool as well, and it will publish a new-edition sandbox game for education and schools. The concept is that Minecraft provides an open space where students in different educational level around the world will connect each other and study together. Throughout the official Twitter account, they continually report the usage of the program for students.


Minecraft has become a culture with a special influence to the world. It is possible to create a cross-cultural and cross-geographic community for students, because creative always plays an important role in education. The game is beyond physical like Lego, so it offers an infinite opportunities for kids and the future.





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