Food Connects The World


There is an obvious difference between American and Chinese food culture. Because economic and political ties accelerate the integration of different nation’s culture, the people have gradually accepted other food culture and it definitely is a successful cross-cultural nonverbal communication and exchange.

However, since I have been the United State four years, as a Chinese, I realized that the authentic and original Chinese food is still hardly accepted by Americans.

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As a result, I will focus on how to increase the popularity and acceptability for Asian food industry in the American market and how the food industry affects intercultural communication.


First, my purpose to write those following blogs is to demonstrate and analyze some successful and failure cases about importing Chinese food culture into the American market.  Second, I would like to introduce the authentic Chinese food industry via multimedia and consider causes of differences between American and Chinese dining cultures. Hence, through dissemination of information, my final purpose is to spread Chinese culture and promote Americans to understand more about it.


Through my blogs, I will focus on Asian food, food companies, and cultures. At the same time, I would like to introduce some interesting Chinese food. As the meaning of Tiramisu is “pick me up,” many Chinese dishes possess special meaning with their history.


Because of my experiences of living in China and America, I would like to share them with my audiences in order to attract their attention. After reading my experiences, I hope I can arouse echo in readers’ hearts so that finally they could be willing to involve in the Chinese food industry and culture.

Let us create mutual undestanding and friendship, and enjoy the food!

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