About Me


I am interested in news editing, new-media and the food industry, and promote understanding and cultural exchange between the western countries and China. In 2013, as an intern for the Home News, an International Service Department at the Xinhua News Agency, the official press agency of People’s Republic of China, I worked with a team to translate information in English and report political and cultural news events. During the experience, I distribute over multimedia and social media, and considers international communication through cultural elements.

In 2014, as a public relations intern for Betty’s Kitchen magazine in Shanghai, China, I created images, translations, and videos. Based on my perspective, food plays an important role in cultures.  My enthusiasm for food, cooking helps her to better translate articles and recipes into Chinese and English through multimedia for foreign nationals who are assimilating to the local customs.

Currently, I, from Beijing, China, am a senior majoring in the public relations at the University of Oregon. I am amazed at the course of collision and fusion between Chinese and Western cultures. In the future, I expect to exert her profession of public relations as a medium to transmit information and cultures between China and Western countries.



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